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List of Articles Published Externally

How Arabs Have Failed Their Language

Newlines Magazine, 13 July 2021

My Son Is a Language Superhero, Even If He Doesn’t Know It Yet

Bilingual Monkeys, 7 October 2020

Why the Split Between Classical and Everyday Arabic Endures

Al-Fanar Media, 23 September 2019

Raising Your Child Speaking Arabic (#3)

Interview with Foreigncy, 7 August 2019

20 questions for: Hossam Abouzahr (#3)

Interview with Arabic for Nerds, 19 January 2019

Teaching My Son Arabic: Balancing Love and Grammar

Al-Fanar Media, 8 August 2018

A Website Seeks to Show ‘How Alive Arabic Is’

by Ursula Lindsey, Al-Fanar Media, 21 June 2018

Podcast with Foreigncy

Foreigncy, 23 May 2018

Standard Arabic is on the Decline: Here’s What’s Worrying About That

MENASource, 21 May 2018

Does teaching dialects hurt Modern Standard Arabic?

The New Arab, 13 December 2017

Parents' Corner: How One Dad Makes Arabic Learning Fun

Maktabatee, 12 June 2017

Guest Post: A Smattering of Obnoxious Word Origins

Team Maha, 21 April 2016