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Imagine Arabic

Arabic is hard and complex, but also rich and deep. Imagine learning tools that map out Arabic for you and help you learn it. That’s what this site is. It has dictionaries for Egyptian, Levantine, and Classical Arabic, and it has apps and learning resources to help you access the language.

A Living Project

This site is always growing. What started out as a simple word list on a student’s desktop has evolved into two of the largest dialect dictionaries ever written for the Egyptian and Levantine dialects with plans for additional dialects and a growing Classical Arabic (Fusha) dictionary, all run on a uniquely structured database designed for Arabic’s diglossia.
To make it practical and accessible, there are apps and learning resources appropriate for all levels of users.

Not Just a List of Definitions

These dictionaries are more than just a list of words, they are guides to the Arabic language. The uniquely structured database allows users to search by Arabic word, English word, and Arabic root. There are also thousands of examples to show users how to properly use words and listing common phrases and proverbs.

Apps and Learning Resources

To make the database practical and accessible, there is an online web interface for users to access the data and mobile apps. The apps turn your mobile device into the first multi-dialect Arabic dictionary. Funds from this project’s first Kickstarter paid Syrian refugees to develop the mobile apps and this website. There are also learning resources like an audio recording of Khalid Khamesy’s book Taxi in Arabic.

Positive Feedback

For one of my students, the website was his constant companion, and when we would have discussions in Arabic he would look things up as we spoke.

This is truly a fantastic and much needed resource for learning colloquial Arabic. And the fact that in addition to just the standard/basic translation it also always includes roots and diacritical marks..., plurals, pronunciation notes, and examples, makes it even more helpful.

Searches within the Living Arabic Project have proved to be easy, informative, and accurate...

The multi-dialect approach of Lughatana makes it a unique resource when it comes to Arabic-English dictionaries. Contents in the dictionary have been carefully crafted, reviewed and edited for accuracy and simplicity. In many cases, you get a lot more than simply the meaning of a given word.

An Open Door

Do you have questions or comments?
Feel free to reach out through the contact page.